When choosing childcare you should first consider your child’s needs and what’s available in your area. Would your child be happier with a childminder or would he prefer being looked after in a nursery?

How Your Pharmacist Can Help

Your pharmacist is there to advise you about medicines, common ailments and are able to tell you when you need to see a doctor.
Before enrolling your child you should visit the nursery to check its suitability – it should be warm, friendly and welcoming and, above all, child-centred.

If you…

-need help choosing the right medicine

-are not sure what is causing a problem or what to do about it

-are unsure whether you need to see a doctor

-want advice on how to stay healthy

-go and see your pharmacist.

-To help your pharmacist help you, keep to the same pharmacy. That way they will get to know you and you will get to know the pharmacist and staff.

-To get advice over the phone and find out about opening times, keep the pharmacy telephone number in a safe place.

-Always tell your pharmacist if you are taking other medicines.

-If you ask for a medicine, you may be asked a few questions to check that a particular medicine is suitable. BE SURE TO GIVE ALL THE INFORMATION REQUIRED.

-With the specialist advice available from your pharmacist, you can treat yourself and save yourself time and inconvenience.