Empowering patients to take control of the decisions and actions that affect their health



As a GP-led organisation, we have significant experience in designing services which promote quality, equality and access. To achieve this, we are committed to involving our patients in service design and offering them greater control over the decisions and actions that affect their health and care.

We encourage patients to get involved through:

  • Patient participation groups:  We are in the process of setting up both a traditional patient participation group to meet quarterly, and a virtual participation group which will be consulted either by phone or email as preferred. If you would like to become a member of either of these groups, please contact us or complete our PPG application form below.

        PPG application form

  • Comments and compliments forms: We welcome feedback on all of our services. If you would like to offer feedback on any of our services, please speak to any member of our team.

  • Complaints procedure: We strive to offer the highest quality care at all times.  Where you feel we have fallen short of this, we have in place a patient complaint procedure and are committed to learning from all complaints.

    • The first step we would suggest you to take is to talk to a member of our staff. This will be recorded as a verbal complaint.

    • If, for any reason, this does not suffice you or you would rather make a formal complaint, you can write to/email us or you can request a formal complaint form.

    • A complaint letter/email need not be long or detailed, but it should include:

      • Who or what you are complaining about, including the names of staff if you know them;

      • Where and when the events of the complaint happened. If you are complaining about several matters, make it clear which are the most important ones;

      • What, if anything, you have already done about the issue;

      • What you would like from the complaint (for example: an apology or an explanation, or changes to services).

    • The time limit for making a complaint is up to 12 months after the event(s) becoming aware of a cause for complaint.

    • For further information or assistance in completing the form, then please call us on 020 7511 4448, email us at​ or write to us at the address in CONTACT INFORMATION below


Offer feedback or get involved

To offer feedback on our services and/or get involved in our patient participation groups, please contact us on 020 7511 8880 or using our online contact form.